By using the latest FM modulation techniques linked with AFC, the DABmotion decodes and converts digital radio into an FM signal that is transmitted directly to the original car radio.

The illustration above shows the installation configuration for DABMotion. The DABmotion power connections (+12 V and ground) can be taken directly from the vehicle accessory socket. The key part of successful installation of DABmotion is antenna location. DABmotion is supplied with a high performance high gain glass mount antenna – it is recommended that this is “temporarily tested” in position before fixed into location as reception may vary between locations.

The DABmotion antenna can be fitted to either the front or rear window of a vehicle. Reception is affected by modern windscreens with inbuilt heater elements and any window with tinting applied so it is important to avoid sticking the antenna into a location where this is the case. Rear windows with heater filaments cause no decrease in reception as long as the antenna is lined up with them correctly as explained in the DABmotion instructions.
Side windows, with their relative small size, surround the antenna closely with a metal frame that can cause interference. It is therefore not advised that the antenna installed here.


The DABmotion interface can be located either in the glove box, behind the vehicle dashboard or even in the rear of the vehicle. It may be necessary to consult a qualified vehicle installer if at any stage you are not sure about connections, suitable location for the interface or antenna position.

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